Feeling of emptiness…

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Random
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I refuse to believe it is because of the day gone by…

…but definitely something made me feel this way. Wonder what it was.

However I need to find ways to get over that stuff. Pondering over the available alternative…

1. Chatting on the web- Already tried…did not seem to work

2. Talking face to face to a friend – Bhaiya 3 baj chuke hain. Tume nahi sona to humein to sone do...

3. Food – Again too late to find great food.

4. Camera – my ultimate savior. Again too late…

5. Googling – can’t think of anything to read about 😐

I don’t think I am getting anywhere with this one. I have a class tomorrow for which I better be awake. And for that I will have to sleep now!



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