Kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahan pe…

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Now that the senior batch is leaving I had the opportunity to have a chat with a lot of people. It was a good time to know some more people a little more closely.

The most interesting part when you get to talk to two close friends or room-mates for that matter. It often brings forth the difference of perspectives with regards to particular incidents. At the same time you have to make sure you don’t give the other perspective away so as not to disturb the “unstable equilibrium”!

One thing I know from experience. You tend to lose touch with most of the people even though leaving a campus people wonder what life would be without these people around.

The key is to enjoy the moment 🙂

Kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahan pe…do pal milte hain saath saath chalte hain…jab mod aaye to bachke nikalte hain…


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