Bringing people together!

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is again one of the random thoughts that came to my mind today while I was coming back from college.

There are a lot of communities that live here. One strange thing that I noticed on the city buses, people refrain themselves from sitting with the person of the other community! Often a lot of seats have only one person sitting while the other one would choose to stand…

But then you can see some changes. If you have kids coming back from school it is not uncommon to have a young blonde and a young girl with a scarf sitting together…and chit chatting their way to glory! Groups of friends that include people from all communities!

Is it really “integration” when a lot of communities call the same city home? True integration happens when the kids go to same schools, colleges, universities. That is where friendships develop. That is where people try and understand one another. That is where they learn to respect the other religions & customs.

And the respect stays long after the college years are over!


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