Facebook taking over our lives…and minds!

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am sure this is not the first time, nor would it be the last time you will be reading a piece about how facebook, or simply FB, has become so important to our existence!

There were some incidents that happened in the recent past that made me stop and think about how deep this involvement is! There is a constant debate that goes on whether you would add your parents as a friends on FB. In my case it is not only my folks but also a lot of aunts and uncles who I am connected to!

A couple of days after I had my interview at the US embassy for a family trip to America, I happened to visit a family friend’s place for dinner. As my parents shared the news about our impending trip, my aunt was amazed. In her words “facebook pe kuch nahi tha, mujhe laga nahi mila hoga (since there was nothing on facebook I thought you would not have got it) “! I did not know how to react!

Another incident happened this week. I was talking to a friend who was all excited about finding this right guy for herself. They hit off really well and within a short time the news was broken to both the families, and everyone is really excited. However she was a little annoyed about her father not being able to go the groom’s family right away. Again in her words “jaldi mil aate to achcha tha…atleast facebook pe chhada dete (It would have been good if they had met, would have atleast been able to put it up on facebook)”! Still amazed!

Another one! Three of my acquaintances from school got married at about the same time. At the end of first year of wedlock the biggest debate was which of the couple went to the “best” place to celebrate the “best” way! Well you may ask what was the criteria? Snaps uploaded on facebook, ofcourse!

A lot of you would probably say “So? What’s the big deal?”. The concern is the same as is talked about extensively in the blogging circles. Do you do something because you like it…or because the audience you are catering to likes it?

The jury is out!

  1. Sayantani Dasgupta says:

    The degree of Facebook’s intrusion and impact on our lives is insane! And something tells me this is just the beginning…
    This was a good read. I myself have my on and off FB phases. At the moment, it’s on.

  2. Eagle says:

    @Sayantani – The tool might not remain the same but the idea probably will. Remember the orkut mania? Now it is FB…what next?

    Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  3. swati says:

    This was indeed good. We have discussed this a lot of times and I was actually laughing while reading this. We both think alike.

    Good going

  4. Eagle says:

    I know! In fact the third story was something that you told me!

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