Privacy Issues!!!

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is like the part II of the how social media is ruling our minds!

Recently I came across a new feature on FB where in you can “gauge” friendships! It makes complete sense if you wanted to see how many activities you attended together, photographs the has both of you etc, however, what does not make sense is that you can do the same for two of your mutual friends! Who knows the next thing could be where you could do it for any two random people!!!

Another interesting issue is the whole idea of having “private” conversations of status messages on gtalk and facebook. On inquiring about what does a particular status message means (now simply referred to as SM) I was told it is not for you! It was being used as a signaling mechanism!!! Encrypted message broadcasted but decrypted by only the intended recipient…by the way the friend confessed today he stopped doing it considering it lead to more interest being generated amongst non-intended recipients. Interesting !!

Why is that after a break-up the first thing people do is to block the person on gtalk and delete him/her from the “friends” list? Is it because they don’t want to know about the other person’s life or the don’t want that other person to know about theirs?


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