Log kya kahenge?

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Random

Translated to English the title for this post would be “What will people say?”

Something happened a couple of days back that made me realize how important is it for people to account for what the others will say! I guess living in a society everyone tends to give it a thought…however the bigger question is how much does it affect you or influence your decisions!!

Reminds me of one of the concepts I read in a book about taking inspiration from what happens around you. There were a set of twins who lived in the opposite corners of a city. One of them was an alcoholic, beat up his wife, did not take care of his kids etc. When asked what makes him like this came the reply…”It is not my fault, my dad was like that!”. On the other hand was his twin who was completely the opposite- teetotaler, a caring husband and a loving father. When asked wasn’t you dad as described by your brother he said “sure dad was like that, but seeing him I resolved I would never be like him!”. Same circumstances, absolutely opposite inspirations!

Someone aptly said “Duniya mein sab se bada rog….mere baare mein kya kahenge log?” (the world’s greatest disease is that, keep worrying about what will people say about me?)

Therefore does hearing people talk stop you from doing things you want to…or does it merely add to your resolve of doing it better?


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