Remembering old times…

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have always been someone who has enjoyed the present more than the past. Looking back has always been nostalgic but do I wish those days were back?…Not really!

A group of friends from the “Class of 2001” from my school decided to meet up to remember the old times. What struck me was that it has been almost a decade since those days. Considering I was not around for the last 2 years of my schooling with these guys I expected to see some faces after almost 12 long years! I am glad I was able to make it…and it was good fun!

Since we are discussing old times, have you ever gone back to read old emails or messages from the past? It is a very interesting experience to say the least. It is incredibly funny how things change, how some experiences make us completely different people to what we were!


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