2010 : The year that was!

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

2010 has to be the most happening year of my life by far!

# Made a second attempt to learn Salsa! Though I still have two left feet but it was great fun!

# Felt hurt when a sincere attempt was perceived very wrongly!

# Was disappointed with not making it to the stage at Tata Crucible Goa round!

# Bid adieu to some great friends with the senior batch passing out!

# Worked in an ad agency, something that I always wanted to do!

# Drove once again on Delhi-Gurgaon twice daily!

# Visited US of A! Niagara Falls, Disney World, Georgia Aquarium, Coke Museum…done!

# Visited my sister’s married home for the first time after almost 4 years of her marriage!

# Drove almost 350 miles from Orlando to Atlanta on awesome US Interstates at brisk pace!

# Raised decent amount of money for a couple of NGOs! Nothing gave me more satisfaction!

# Disappointed with all the misunderstandings in the team handling the campaign!

# Drove from Delhi to Goa in 3 days flat, that too in the monsoons!

# Covered Delhi to Ahmadabad, about 915 odd kms, in one stretch lasting 18 hours with only a one hour break!

# Said hello to a lot of new friends with the junior batch coming in!

# Surprised myself with public speaking!

# Organized a national conference with an awesome team! And it rocked!

# Disappointed with turn of things post the event!

# Visited Europe! Backpacked across the continent covering 7 countries!

# Being atop the Eiffel Tower overlooking the city of Paris was the best moment of the entire trip!

# Experienced temperatures as low as 10 below the freezing point!

# Missed the Alumni Meet I was so looking forward to!

# Fell in love all over again!

# Faced rejection all over again!

# First birthday that came to an end without cutting a cake!

# Was able to make it to home for my sister and bro-in-law’s visit. And it was awesome fun!

# Bought the “kit” lens a couple of years after owning this DSLR…as the name suggests it should have been the starting lens!

# Again got a job with a company coming early in the placement season and picking in numbers!

# Met some school friends after a decade!

# Did not click as much as I wanted to! And I still don’t know PS!

# Missed Christmas@Goa opportunity yet again!

# In all flew in 16 aircrafts! Incidentally this is more than all my life, until now, put together!

2011 can only be better! Wishing everyone a very happy new year. May this coming year bring along a lot of happiness and joy 🙂

  1. Very interesting! wish you a wonderful 2011!

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