Jan 26th!

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday India celebrated its 62nd Republic Day. And what a day it was!

It is interesting how days like this make me go down the memory lane. Somehow Jan 26th of each year was more looked forward to than even 15th Aug. I attribute it to 2 reasons…firstly thanks to the winters the parade starts at a comfortable 9AM unlike 15th Aug when the speech starts much earlier. Secondly it is a military and cultural extravaganza which is anyday more interesting than listening to a long speech!!

So a typical 26th Jan would include my folks struggling to get me out of a comfortable rajai, breakfast of my choice since it was an off for mom, misty eyed watching the parade with an equally misty eyed sister! Remembering those days is always heartwarming…

It just doesnot feel right if I miss watching the program on TV. Last year I was aghast when the subscription for the college TV room was not paid for. I had to watch the live stream on the internet which was not as much fun. Maybe it is just a incorrect observation but I observed the people from the north of India being more attached to happening in and around Delhi. Is Delhi way too far from here and way too inconsequential?

On a lighter note wonder why a lot of people get the numbering for these days wrong? You would hear a lot of people/organizations calling it 61st Republic Day as well! One of the major reasons it that they think like birthdays! So one year after I was born it was my 1st birthday, however Jan 26th 1950 was the 1st Republic Day!

I hope we all strive to make this country the next generation would be proud citizens of!


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