You are a figment of my imagination!

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have always found this thought interesting…

A close friend recently was telling me about the girl he was seeing. Or rather he wanted to see! Some relationships happen where there are no questions asked and no answers sought! He thought everything was going fine until eventually a day came when he heard the dreaded question “What made you think I was interested in a relationship”?

And this thought brings me back to the title of this post. Is it that a lot of times “hints” are just figments of someone’s imagination? I think the trouble starts in the “crush” phase! It is funny how the thoughts about any damn thing meander towards that one person. Anything that he/she says becomes an obvious references to something! Even though it might just not be related to anything to do with you!

I remember an incidence where I was addressing a group of people who were recently given some printed t-shirts. As I came online I received a message saying

X : “Thanks for pointing me out today :)”

Me : Huh?

X : “You made a comment on those wearing that t-shirt today na…who else did you see wear one except me?”

All I could do was smile! Neither was she the only one in the crowd, nor did I actually notice her wear one that day! But somehow it just fit her expectations!

Difficult to completely avoid it but you have to be careful!

  1. Hey I agree with you 🙂 i don’t but may be since I am a girl I generally happen to think that this happens more with men that they imagine unsaid things or said things never meant the way they thought it to be! but since you mentioned the incidence and being a guy you would be in a better position to judge how often girls also fall in the same trap of imagination 🙂

  2. Eagle says:

    So my dear it proves that it is a natural thing that can happen to everyone…and not just guys 😛

  3. vinay says:

    “What made you think I was interested in a relationship”? 😀 😀

    lol, its like you wake up on railway station to find your belongings stolen.

    Abt imagination,
    yes it happens, you need to be careful. Because deciding not be part of someones imagination is very difficult. Its difficult to ignore yourself.

  4. Eagle says:

    @Vinay – Long time buddy! Loved the analogy of the railway station 🙂 Difficult for sure…

  5. reacheshi says:

    mind works its way around! n the ways u never know… 😉

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