What have you done anyway?

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the first thing that books for “better living” tell us is to appreciate others. Find good in them and make sure you tell them you “appreciate” it! That is the way people would feel good about themselves and the world! It is like feeding an ego (colloquially ego often has a negative connotation which is not really true!) The arguments remains that a hungry man would always think of food no matter how much you talk him to believe he should not be worrying about food, only feeding him would liberate him of that hunger!

So I am all for it…however it has its disadvantages. If done way too often it makes the other person believe that “his” contribution was the be all and end off, of the entire thing! So what do you do when you hear things like “what have you done anyway?” when probably someone else is not thinking as you and hence no body cared to look or appreciate your contribution!

No positive talk or appreciation is not an issue…however negative comments like these are! Now suddenly all you are thinking is how to cut that person to size, to make him realize he is not as big as he might be thinking at that stage!

In the whole process you might end up putting a strain on the relationship. This is the time when you begin to question if the entire appreciation deal was worth the effort…

  1. Shilpa says:

    Hey, you have put it so aptly..I have also felt this way so many times..You try to appreciate the other person, and in the process end up feeling belittled!! Again the thought comes to my mind – ‘It Depends’ 🙂 Guess, rules of better living can’t be applied to all, alike..

  2. Eagle says:

    @Shilpa – I guess you are right!

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