Being high!

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the interesting things about being in a place which sells cheap booze is the fun you can have around drunk people! So after each party you have a lot of people who are high…

Talking to such people is mostly very interesting! And we have a lot of mail forwards that list the interesting things guys tend to say when they are drunk! However what it does not say is what girls tend to say when they are drunk!!!

Interesting conversations that I have come across over the phone and/or chat and with amazing regularity is “I am happy with life. I am content…and I have no regrets!” which actually makes me wonder just what is going on!

What else do girls typically say?

  1. reacheshi says:

    Drinking has a lot of levels n each level has a line attached to the amt of happiness linked to the level.. n it generally starts with – Humen baat karni chahiye, We should talk about things u know! 😉

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