Its been a year!

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Been there, done that! However I was never able to put it as beautifully as Ms Rinki Mukherjee has been! Thank you ma’am for letting me share it on this blog!


A year .

A year of fretting about a strange creature called ‘Boss’.

A year of worrying about whether you will be called to work on a National Holiday.

A year of faking illnesses and wondering which fake illnesses are trivial enough to not require a visit to a fake hospital.

A year of househunting-there’s always one better than the one you are currently in.

A year of fakes-fake rent slips, fake med bills, fake smiles.

A year of limited short term memory loss-remembering only what the cellphone reminder clock and those irritating flourescent post-it notes on the notice board tell you-and forgetting all else-including paying the rent, movie dates and brother’s birthday.

A year of 12 happy days and 353 miserable ones(well mostly).

A year of leveraging the power of retail therapy to the maximum(usually around those 12 happy days).

A year of trying to prove all the ‘Money cant buy you happiness’ believers wrong.

A year of longing and loss,hope and strength, cynicism and wonder.

A year of growing up (finally!)

A year of working.

April 5, 2011 marks exactly one revolution ’round the sun since I started with ********. Though the year has been trying , its also been a great teacher.

Merci beaucoup!


Beautifully put!

PS : Blanked out the company’s name for obvious reasons!!


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