Reservation on the Delhi Metro!

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is said, with each right comes a great responsibility. It annoys me no end when a chic in her early 20s asks a man old enough to be her grandfather to give up a seat reserved for “ladies”! Is your desire to exercise a “right” greater than manners?

I have to admit I am not a big fan of, in a 4 compartment train, the first one being reserved for ladies. I don’t have too much of an issue if it is a 6 compartment train though…but in my humble opinion reservation and equality just don’t go together!

I must admit that this decision has solved a dilemma for me! Often it is not the actual act of asking for the seat but the glares you get from the fairer sex that gets you to get up. And I am not even talking about a reserved seat here! As a result I would often stand all the way rather than risk getting “those” looks! Ofcourse I would readily give the seat for an old person or a lady with a kid etc but what makes young women expect you to give them a general seat?

In the recent trip I met another interesting man. He must be in late 40s with greying hair. He was standing 3-4 seats away from me but right in front of a seat reserved for old and physically handicapped. He would not sit on that seat offered to him by the child of 15 sitting there pointing out to me and a fellow sitting next to me…is sitting on a general seat on the Delhi Metro a crime for young men?

  1. Manoj says:

    m kind of neutral to this..with the kind of rush and awful crowd in the metro it becomes really difficult for girls to travel..but yeah i do agree tht its kind of uncivilized when a chic in early 20’s ask a man of age of her father/grandfather to leave the seat reserved for ladies and that too in relatively uncrowded train…. rightly said that Reservation and equality can’t go together…

  2. Shilpa says:

    I agree that an elderly man needs to be respected, and perhaps that girl was wrong in asking the man to get up from his seat. But, there is reason why such reservations are important. Young educated men like yourself may not like accepting this, but even a 20 yr old ‘chic’ can easily get molested in a crowded metro! In fact, a girl that age is more likely to get teased and inappropriately touched and ‘brushed’. I have heard SO many of my friends at DU share their horror stories of how they have been harassed (sometimes slyly and sometime more openly) on Blue line buses. And trust me, a man’s age has nothing to do with how sees women and how much he respects them as co-passengers!

  3. Eagle says:

    @Manoj – Right!
    @Shilpa – I agree with most of your points…however asking for that seat in an uncrowded train?

  4. Neha says:

    Can’t say if it was a crowded metro or not – but even if it was I think we should not forget to pay due respect to our elders and realise that some people need seats more than us.

    Maybe in this fast tracked life we are losing the cord that connects us to our roots.

  5. junior scoop says:

    honestly friend…ladies compartment is a necessity dese days..DELHI METRO is perhaps one of the most brightest things delhi has evr produced, and to keep it go smooth is d need of the for the ‘chic’, Remember der are some inhuman persons dat are still alive…!! Respect other ladies/girls!!

  6. Don’t you think everybody should be able to travel without being sexually assaulted? Many young girls are not allowed to study or work too far from home because of such concerns. If they complain they are generally told they ‘asked for it’, by being at the wrong place, in wrong company, in wrong clothes or at a wrong time.
    A lot of families don’t let girls go out alone for such fears, which leads to missed opportunities and becomes a vicious cycle. Women being kept out of public spaces has done the society a lot of harm, dependent mothers, sisters, widows and daughters would be able to take care of their own needs if they could travel safely.

    It’s true that it would have been better if women could travel safely with the rest of the population, but the risk of molestation and sexual harassment in general compartments is very high – so reservation is actually more like making a limited space available to women.

    It’s also true that if women and men travel together it would help the bad elements in the society to accept the presence of women in public spaces – most such sexual harassers believe that public spaces, public transport, benches in public parks, beaches, cinemas in small towns etc are sort of reserved for men. Reserved seats for women are one way for women to travel with men with some protection from harassment by these elements.

  7. Eagle says:

    @Neha – I guess!

    @Junior – That chic did not change anything for me! I stand up to give my seat to “ladies” irrespective of age or the seat “reservation” status or the lack of it!

    @Indian Homemaker – I could not agree more with you. However my post wanted to bring out the other perspective of the “reservation”!

  8. gaurav gupta says:

    i wish there were two types of train in delhi metro to avoid rush
    1-which connects all the major stations in which a line has to be changed
    2-which connects all the other stations.
    this will surely help in reducing the traffic burden on metro ad people will enjoy a much safer ride in delhi metro.

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