Herd Mentality…

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Being interesting in knowing how people think and act I ended up reading about famous psychology experiments and how it affects us!

One that was very interesting to me was The Asch Conformity Experiment conducted in the year 1953. In order to test the power of conformity Asch made a simple set up. It was supposed to be a simple vision test! Asch would put forth a simple vision observation question and asked which of A, B or C is equal in length to the one on the left…

Now the actors were made to say the same wrong answer before the subject. Can you imagine 33% of people actually said the same wrong answer after he/she saw 3 others say the same thing? As they said in the article “One in three would follow the group right off the proverbial cliff.”

Now you know why is it very difficult to be yourself and not follow the herd?


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