Herinneringen uit België

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

The title literally translates to “Memories from Belgium”! After much thought and a lot of editing [ 😉 ] I decided to post my experiences while I was in Europe on an exchange program. These posts were weekly mails I used to send my close friends while I was there! Here they would be intermittently posted in between the regular ones!


This 80-day trip to Europe was one of the most anticipated things of my MBA life. What started as a casual thought was close to being a reality!

But before I could embark on this wonderful journey there were a lot of things to take care of! Initially coaxed into it by filling just a couple of forms became a full-fledged preparation as time passed by.

After the admission to the university was taken care of I needed to work on the visa. And foreign currency. And packing. And what not! So these were some of the mountains I still had to conquer before I could step on European soil!

And everything boiled down to the last week! I was so zonked that there were times I slept while writing an exam! Beat that!!! So I would simply write whatever came to my mind and got back to my room to sleep! And it was the same thing the next day not to mention special exams that I had to write for some courses!

Cut to the day I was finally writing the final exams for Term IV.  The day was here. My friend, who coaxed me in this exchange program,  and I were at the airport only to realize the tickets we had to Bombay were actually tickets for the month gone by! Not a very auspicious start I would say. Booked new ones and there we were flying to the financial capital of the country. I did manage to see a lovely rainbow mid-air, probably nature telling me it is not all that bad!

International flight was decent. The planes were comfortable. We had a 4 hour stop at Istanbul where we had Turkish coffee which was pathetic but the only reason we had it was that we wanted to access the internet at that cafe! Mission accomplished @ 10 Euros!

Uneventful journey thereafter got me to Belgium!


…to be continued…


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