Herinneringen uit België – Week I

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

After arriving at the Brussels which happens to be the seat of power for the European Union we got on a train to take us to Antwerp. French is all I could hear around me…

I will give you a little background about Belgium. It is an interesting little country. It is divided into two zones – Flanders, which is the northern part & Wallonia, which is the southern part. Antwerp, city that I was in, is in the Flemish region. The official language of Flanders is Dutch while Wallonia speak French. The most peculiar part is that people don’t like Netherlands here and well it is a European thing to not like French so south doesn’t like French!!!

Upon arrival in Berchem station in Antwerp we caught a bus which was supposed to drop us at the hostel which would be out home for the next 80 days. But we did not know you had to make the bus stop else it just keeps going. Having overshot it and reached a hospital nearby, we took a cab. And as you can guess cabs are expensive!!! The smart thing we did was to ask that guy to call the hostel and find out where it is. 400 meters and 5 euros later we were at our “home”!

Week one was mainly trying to find out more about Antwerp. How a bus ticket on the bus would cost 2 Euros while taken on the station cost a much lesser 1.2! So to get to the University…with all the signs in Dutch it was a task for the day 1. Went to a pub one night but were smart enough to take help of a Belgian student so that we could get back home!

Next night was beer bowling. The idea is lots of beer and lots of bowling…though I was more interested in the latter! And I got to meet a lot of people from a lot of countries!! My fellow student was concerned his game would go for a toss with all the beer…but what was the highlight of the evening was a 5km walk home because he was high and didn’t want to leave. Hence we missed the last bus and therefore a long walk home…the temperature hovering about 7-8 degree Celsius!


…to be continued…


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