Herinneringen uit België – Week II

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

One thing that is common between the place I was studying in India and Antwerp is the fact that nothing is open on a Sunday. Call it a day for the family all the shops are closed! Just can’t understand how the retailing industry does not make use of that fact and close some other day of the week like we have back in Delhi!

The important thing was that I did not have any stock of things to eat and it was a Sunday. Luckily I, along with my friend, was able to locate “Quick” near our place of stay which was open and therefore able to survive that Sunday!

Some people eat to live but with me it is the other way around, I live to eat. I was excited about coming to a new destination so that I could try a lot of things however it just went away because I think they simply survive on junk. I actually googled what they exactly called food here and it was interesting to come across a lot of what I would call snacks and no major meal as such. By the way did you know what the world calls French Fries is actual Belgian in origin? So here it is just called fries and it sells like fries (I think I will use this new phase from now on…so instead of hot cakes it has to be fries!)

I borrowed a pan from Chinese student to make myself Maggi. Can’t tell you how happy I was to have a warm dinner 🙂 Looks like I am going on and on with food…but if you have known me for some time you would know how important it is for me 😛

If someone asks me how is Belgium treating me my standard reply has become something like this “Since I am not really a party animal nor into drugs, it is not as wild as you think!”. 


…to be continued…

  1. Shilpa says:

    hey, its fun to read ur Belgium diaries..keep posting 🙂

  2. Eagle says:

    @Shilpa – Thanks…and hey no names please 🙂

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