Herinneringen uit België – Week IV

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This round of update would be about the Brussels Trip! As you might be aware of the fact that Brussels is like the capital of the European Union and hence is one of the nerve centers of EU! Studying at a place that close of an important center is a big advantage specially for management studies. You can have guest lectures by some really influential people who shape policy for the Union. More about it in a few minutes…
Along with the other student who came with me from India we were given company by a Russian international student that we met here. Elina had already been to Brussels a lot of time and hence she was our unofficial guide! To my mind I wanted to see the Atomium and the European Parliament out there.  
We got off at a station which was nearest to the Atomium. But since it was a Sunday there were no tellers to give us the tickets. Only automatic vending machines which accepted only coins..and as luck would have it we did not have enough of them. Somehow managed. There is a strange system that they have here. The token or the ticket is valid for one hour at the entry. Hence if you think it would take more than time you need to punch it again after an hour! Anyway we took a daily pass which proved to be a smart decision. 
Thereafter the day was spent walking around the streets of Brussels. Before the end of the day I was able to see the things I wanted to see. However it was very cold and windy. The good thing is that the sun is still warm and not an illusion as of now!!
I am not too impressed with the pace at which things are done here. As an MBA student from India I am used to the frantic pace of things, however here everything is slow and calm. Off all the courses that I have Debating Development is one course that I am really enjoying. In the year 2000 the developed world set some goals called the Millennium Development Goals to help the developing countries on a number of fronts like education, IMR, poverty, gender equality etc. The deadline was the year 2015. Each week they get 2 influential people to debate on where were are and where we are going in that endeavour. Proximity to Brussels helps!
Leaving for a extended weekend trip that would take me to Amsterdam, Berlin & Zurich. Would get back to you once I am back!

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