Food & hunger…

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Recently a couple of incidents make me really think hard. Let me jump into it right away –

– I, along with my wife, took a train to come back to Delhi. The train that we took, as we were told, has a very good system to seva considering it terminates at one of the biggest Gurudwara in India. As a result we did not carry any food with us. Maybe because we were travelling in the A/C compartment that was not to be. To our utter disappointment the train did not have a pantry either. I could not help catch myself stare at the food others in the compartment were having and at the first opportunity

– I had to rush my dad to the hospital at one time. Since the trouble happened right in the morning I did not have the time to catch even a bite before we had to leave. After the admission was done when they brought the something for dad to eat, it was almost mid-day. And I immediately had to “rush” to eat something myself…

We love to talk about how, it is only the human being that can think long term. But from both the incidents I concluded…if we don’t have something to eat…we are no different from all the animals. We will not be able to “think”, let along “think long term”. Has anything similar happened to you?


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